Monday, January 5, 2009

hooked on reading

I ordered paperbacks online just a few minutes ago. This is the second time I did it and I feel a bit guilty for indulging my whims. You see, I love to read when my hands are not full. It helps to pass time especially when the little man is being a good boy. I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a kid. Books that were not suitable for my age, lol. I did not read anything other than romance, just to clear that up okay? I spent a lot of money for years now on renting and buying books (on store and online) that when I think about it, I probably should have used the money to buy a watch for my father since he lost his old watch. Luminox watches are on sale right now. But no, I had to spend it on books. And the husband supports me with this addiction no matter how expensive it could get. He said it is better than spending hours in front of the computer. Or shopping which could take hours walking and trying clothes on without buying anything. He thinks he is choosing the lesser evil :)

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