Thursday, January 22, 2009

gaining weight

The little man has started gaining weight. He was at 25 lbs for a long time but just about two weeks ago he gained a few more pounds. I noticed it one day when I lifted him and he got so heavy it was hard to keep on holding him. Man, talk about heavy. In as much as I want to carry him when we are out doing errands so he will now slow us down, I can't anymore. I have to think of my back you know. I must be surprised at first when I learned of his weight gain but when I think about it, he might just be keeping up with me and his father. You see, the husband and I are gaining weight as well. We thought we were losing weight because of the change in diet but, lo and behold, we were even heavier than we were before. We want to go to the gym but he has to take care of a very important family matter right now so it is taking a back seat. Once this problem is solved then we might start looking for the perfect gym. Either that or use Ephedrasil hardcore so we will not eat too much. I think it is the eating too much that is the problem. We eat even if we are not hungry and worry about it afterward. Crazy couple huh? We hate being fat and we will do something to fix this problem. As for the little man, his weight is still within the normal range for his age so there is no need to worry yet. Besides he is only two years old, he needs a little fat here and there.

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