Monday, January 5, 2009

cough and cold

The little man has cough. He had colds too but thankfully it is not that bad anymore. The cough woke him up the other night and due to pain because of a severely dry and itchy throat, he screamed so loud. Even the husband got up to help me pacify the little man. We could not do anything else at the time but I thought about buying a humidifier the next day to help him breath easier. It, in fact, helped a lot. We had the humidifier on last night and he did not wake up nor did we hear him cough. I am glad it worked. I think he is feeling a lot better now than the last few days. He is back to his regular routine here and he has been yelling at me for neglecting him, lol. I am so glad he is feeling better. Hopefully the cough will go away soon because the husband and I planned on walking more and we can't do that if the little man has cough. Now I need to work on catching more sleep since I did not get much sleep for several nights in a row.

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