Saturday, January 31, 2009

computer time

Since the little man will not leave my laptop computer alone, I decided to let him use it while I was cooking lunch today. I let him watch his favorite ABC song on Youtube and he was just tickled to sit in my computer chair without me telling him to get down. He even used the mouse which I unplugged because who knows what he will do with the computer with it plugged in. He had a good time saying the letters while trying to sing at the same time. He pretty much left the computer alone after that session. I might do this often just so he will not mess with my computer and let me use it without him pestering me. Well, I now know what to do. Hopefully he will not ask for more time next time. He did look like a big boy sitting in my computer chair while watching the video. My boy is growing up and before long he will be asking for his own computer.

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