Friday, January 9, 2009


I was checking my emails earlier when the little man out of nowhere grabbed my hand and said come. His voice was urgent so I asked him what was the matter while following him. Guess what I found out? He had his diapers out from the closet and he wanted me to help him count how many diapers he got out. Huh? All that fuss just to count diapers? Well, what can I do but obliged him. He was thrilled that he had that many out and he kept on recounting them. Or he wanted me to keep on recounting. As it is, mama only has short tolerance for counting unused diapers while sitting in the carpet. I left him alone and he seemed to be satisfied because he did not bother me for a while. Now we are playing what's that letter. He brings his alphabet blocks to me one by one and I ask him what letter it is and he says it and after I say very good he runs to get more blocks. He is having fun with the game because even after all the letters have been presented, he comes back even if he has to bring a letter he already brought to me twice :) I like to see him happy while learning at the same time.


Anonymous said...

he's interested to learn, thats a good character. sounds like your jt is smart.

Poray said...

thanks :)