Friday, January 2, 2009

more pictures

These are only two of the pictures I took of the little man during our trip. He was amazed by the number of people that it took him a while to start to relax and play. When he did, he did not want to sit in the stroller again. He wanted to walk and look around him which was not really safe for him with all the people including kids milling around. Some were walking fast that I thought what was the use of going to theme parks if you are not going to relax and enjoy the view? But then maybe they had other plans or shows they wanted to catch. Although we did not get in any shows or posed with other mascots due to the long lines, we still enjoyed the time we spent inside Universal Studios. I like it better than the Island of Adventure which had too many people that it was impossible to walk without being separated from the husband who was pushing the little man's stroller at the time. We still had a good time though. And we made a promise that we will go back to Orlando when the little man is older so he will have fun like we did. Yes, the parents had more fun than the kid during the trip :)

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