Monday, December 22, 2008

we went shopping (again!)

We went to Tanger mall outlet yesterday to met up with the husband's friend. Since we were there we decided to roam around and look for items to give to the kids. There were a lot of sale going on but I still thought the prices were a bit high even after the discounts so I did not get any. The husband bought more toys for the little man because a toy store was on closeout sale. I am telling you, the little man has never had this many toys in his life, lol. He must be surprised that after all these time we only start buying him lots of toys this particular holiday. The husband said it is because his son is now ready to play with different kinds of toys without us worrying he will dump everything in his mouth. He already gave his daughter her early Christmas presents so that leaves the son and the grand kids. I have a feeling we will be broke before the New Year if he keeps on giving gifts the rate he is doing right now, lol. It is only a few days before Christmas and I can't wait for my present to get here. I just hope I will find something for the husband so he will not go without this holiday.

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