Monday, December 15, 2008

up, up. down, down

There is nothing much going on here right now. The little man is still a handful and never fails to try our patience. He follows his father everytime the latter is home which makes the latter annoyed when he trips over his son, lol. Wherever the husband is, you can be sure to see the little man: perched on top of his father when they are in the couch, sitting between his father's legs when they are in the kitchen, trying to get his father into a conversation where only the little man talks and the father is supposed to just say really, good, and is that so, snuggling in bed where the little man tries to kick me out so he can have his father alone. The list goes on and on. In as much as I like to believe that he is a Mama's boy, it is changing everyday. He is growing fast and so full of energy and I try so hard to keep up. He says words from time to time but there are words I don't understand no matter how hard I try to comprehend. And in his frustration, he drags me to the kitchen if he is hungry and looks up at the cupboard where his food is kept. Or brings me to our room to tell me he wants his blankies and could not get it because I closed the door. Small things to let me know that he is developing good albeit slowly. I used to worry about his development but I realized that kids develop differently and so I should not pressure myself (or my son) because it will only cause frustrations and disappointments. I am already happy when he reacts to the shows he watch on tv or when I say words and he knows what it was about. Just like the other day. I wanted to change his clothes so we can go to the store for groceries but he was lying down in the carpet. I told him up, up, up which he countered, no, down, down, down. I burst out laughing. Just when I don't expect him to say anything, he does and it makes me happy. Small things yet it means so much for me.

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