Wednesday, December 24, 2008

toys and more toys

There are a lot of presents for the little man under our tree. The husband's employer gave four separate presents for him while the doting father bought lots and lots of toys which he, himself, wrapped. Most of the presents are his, there is not even a single present for me since I did not let the husband wrap the earrings he bought for me. I decided to wear it right after I opened the package delivered by UPS this afternoon. Anyway, father and child already opened (after meticulously wrapping each just a few hours ago) three boxes. The basketball with matching hoops is the winner. The little man cheered, laughed, clapped his hands, jumped up and down, when he scored. He is a sight to behold. He has been in it for about thirty minutes now. Amazing, really. He also seemed to like his remote controlled backhoe. There are more presents for him under the tree and the husband is a bit disappointed that his son did not want to open all presents under the tree. I guess he wanted his son to rip everything apart looking for more goodies. He is a good kid and when I told him they cannot open any more presents tonight (they have to wait until tomorrow) he did not care. He already have his basketball game going anyway and he is happy with it. I am sure his sister bought him toys too. We will spend Christmas in their house and have dinner there. I will try to take pictures to post here. Merry Christmas!

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