Sunday, December 21, 2008

spending time with family

Nothing much happened today. We just spent time with the kids. The husband's daughter came by to visit and she brought her whole family with her. The little man was happy to have somebody his age to play with. There were incidents but nothing really major. I guess it is normal for kids to be rough with each other while playing especially between two hyper toddlers. The little man may have been rough with his nephew but he was so gentle with his niece. He was in awe of her. He touches her hands and smiles when she smiles at him. I now know he will be a good older brother if we ever decide to have another baby. The living room was in chaos but as long as the little man was happy I don't care. His happiness comes first, cleaning up is secondary :D We have not decided what to do on Christmas but hopefully we will get to spend it with the whole family again. We are all loud and rowdy but, hey, we are family and I think we are allowed a little of that in the comfort of home. I just wish the husband will have a huge Christmas bonus so we can go to Myrtle and maybe visit Dixie's Stampede. And hopefully he will be off the day after Christmas so him and the little man will be with me the whole day on my birthday. Am I selfish or what? Lol.

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