Wednesday, December 17, 2008

picky, picky

The little man is still a picky eater. There are times when he would try to eat food I fix for myself but most of the time, he prefers his own food. He knows his choices and although I don't deem it healthy, I can't really do much about it right now. I do try to camouflage some food he doesn't like to eat to make it look like his choice of food. I am telling you it is not easy. The husband often tells me to keep on giving his son food and milk. After the little man finishes his cup of milk, the husband will tell me to give him more which of course I don't. I mean, how many ounces of milk can a child consume a day? Besides I don't want to give him too much milk because it may cause him to deliberately not eat. Besides I don't want him to be obese. His weight is ideal for his age right now and I want it to stay that way until he is a teenager. I don't want him to be like his brother who grew up with other kids taunting him because he was fat. He still is now. A child may look cute if he is chubby but it is different when he is older. Besides, I don't want to spend too much money buying Lipovox when the little man gets older. He has to stay lean and healthy even if I have to make him eat foods he doesn't like when he is older. It will not harm him and maybe, like me, he will come to love foods he didn't like before.

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