Monday, December 1, 2008

on boys and cars

We visited the husband's friend yesterday and he told us to get inside their home because he was watching his 22 year old son. His wife had to run errands and so he was left alone to take care of his son. We went in and the let the little man play with the friend's son. They had a good time running after each other, playing with toys, and just had fun. Apparently, they share the same love for toy cars because their living room was littered with toy cars and car parts to the little man's delight. In fact, the first toy he picked was a race car. They are like their fathers who are into cars being mechanic and all. It was funny to look at them playing without any attempts to hurt the other. Even the husband said his son will be safe playing with his friend's son because the little boy was good natured and well behaved. If we will move near their place then the two boys might just have a chance to have playdates anytime they want. I don't mind babysitting as long as the little man is happy.

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