Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i am back :)

I am back from a long, relaxing weekend. Actually, we got home from our trip yesterday but I had so much cleaning to do that I did not update any of my blogs. I figured it can wait while I tidy up here. I had to clean the whole place starting from the bedrooms to the kitchen. The kitchen took a while to clean because I had to scrub not only the sink but also the floor and I had to clean the faucets as well. I did not leave anything unclean. Aside from the cleaning I also had to do laundry so it was a whole day affair, lol. I am finished with chores though so I can relax today and spend more time with the little man. Which reminds me, I have pictures of him I took over the weekend and I will post some in this blog when I have the time. I still have to fix him breakfast though so it will have to wait until I finished helping him. How was your holiday weekend? Was it fun? Ours was amazing!

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