Friday, December 26, 2008


I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the little man's whine. He had a stomach ache. We could tell when he had spasms because he held his breath and then cried his discomfort. I rubbed his tummy in a circular motion and did it for a few minutes before he passed gas after which he settled down and went back to sleep. I am glad I remembered what to do even if I was disoriented at first. He was colicky when he was a baby and I guess he still is now. He knows how to deal with it but there are times he needs Mama's help. I am glad he only woke up once and he slept through the night after that. I just hope it will not happen again. I hate to see my child in pain.


Lindsay said...

Oh I hate it when Ryan has problems with this. When he was younger it was bad and I was constantly giving him meds to calm it down. Poor thing : (

poray said...

I used to give the little man meds too when he was younger because he cries constantly due to colic. It was bad and it took a while for him to get over it. This was the first time this happened after a long time. I hope it will not happen again though.