Monday, December 1, 2008

first night in his toddler bed

He did good on his first night without the confines of the crib. Maybe it helped that he did not take a nap and so he slept for twelve hours. I did not sleep good. When it comes to my boy, I am a worrywart. I kept on waking up and checking on him. And for good measure I moved the little man's bed close to ours in case he will fall off his bed which he managed to do with all the precautions I took. I got up when he whined and I was so worried when I saw his butt in the air while his head was stuck between both beds. I got him out right away with my chest doing crazy thumps. Silly kid. Just when I thought he will be safe he went ahead and fall off and how he did it beats me. I told the husband about it and he laughed so hard. I guess it was funny but still it was scary for me. I guess I will move his bed farther away and then put another mattress or a thick comforter beside the bed just in case he will fall. That would be safer than him getting stuck between beds. After the incident though he moved to where his head was on the side with the rail and his feet on the open side. Learned his lesson quick enough. All in all, he did good. We are proud of him.

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