Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the closet

The little man is fixated with the closet in our bedroom. He gets in, closes the closet door and waits for mama to knock. When I do, he opens it giggling like it is the best thing in the world to happen. Silly kid. He did it the other day and the husband called me because he said he told his son to get out but wouldn't do it. I told him he is supposed to knock which he countered with how the hell is he supposed to know. Not very encouraging at all, lol. When we got ready for bed last night, the little man picked up his blankies, said night-night and then proceeded straight to the closet. It was so funny. He stayed there playing for a long time. When I started singing the alphabet song he loves, he hurriedly climbed to our bed where he snuggled between us. I let him stay until he was ready for his own bed before I transferred him. He slept good last night and surprisingly, he didn't fall out of bed. Good job!

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poray said...

this little boy is not afraid of the dark at all..in fact long after we turn off all lights he would go out in the living room and play :)