Wednesday, December 3, 2008

browsing the web

Browsing the internet has been my past time ever since I got married. I don't work outside of the home because I need to take care of the little man so I have to have something I can do aside from the normal chores to pass the time while waiting for the husband to get home. The little man may prove to be a handful sometimes but he listens if he wants to and he knows when Mama means business, lol. So when he is either playing with his toys or taking naps, I get online. I surf different websites, online stores, blogs, watch my favorite television series online, update my blogs, and do just about anything I can think of like searching for promotional business gifts even if I don't have a business and I don't have any business searching for it in the first place. It gets boring during the day and I long for another adult to talk to but this is what we think is best for now while the little man is still young and needs me to take care of him. When he gets older and we can be sure it is safe to trust him to somebody else then I may start looking for jobs and maybe cut off my online time. I know I need to do it because I am getting dependent on it. The husband's description is I am addicted to the internet. Yet, when we don't have connection he is the one who makes sure it is restored right away to make me happy :)

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