Friday, November 14, 2008

we are still up

It is a few minutes before eleven and here I am still wide awake. The husband rented a carpet cleaner because he claimed he couldn't take what the carpet looks like anymore. I know he is tired and I am willing to help him but I can't since the little man is caught up with all the excitement and he is still up. I have been playing tag with him because he wants to see what his father is doing but I can't let him or there will be an argument. He climbed out of his crib several times. When I checked the husband's progress I went out of our room but made sure it was closed behind me with a plastic knob thrown in for good measure. I went back in and who do I see sitting in the bedroom floor just near the door but the little man who said hi with a grin. It is way past bedtime for him but he is fighting sleep. I am sleepy too but I can't go to bed with the husband still up and cleaning. I wonder who will give up first, the little man who only had a two hour nap instead of the usual four or the mother who have been up since six. Who do you think? Lol.


Felicia said...

Poor mom! It's great that your hubby is cleaning though!

Samantha Ysabelle said...

when mom and dad are awake, the babies are awake too! hehehe! by th way, got an award for you & JT po. here's the link: enjoy!