Thursday, November 13, 2008

this mama is sick

I don't feel good. My stomach is upset in a way that I feel like puking but I can't. You know how it feels like when you are carsick? That is what I feel right now. I blame it on the rice (i am using a different variety right now) and the pork leg that I cooked the other day. All this started yesterday and until now I feel rotten. I want to go walk. Maybe this is just indigestion. It sucks! First the cold and now this. If this is a bug of some sort I hope the "boys" will not get it. When I told my father about it last night he asked if I was pregnant. Well, not that I know of. He is always afraid I will get pregnant again when he hasn't even seen his first grandchild yet, lol. I just hope I will feel better.

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