Wednesday, November 26, 2008

so sleepy

Yet he won't take a nap. He is as stubborn as his mama, is what his father always says. And it infuriates me that he is headstrong. I can tell by the way he rubs his eyes that he is indeed fighting sleep. I will not interfere because when I did in the past we ended up frustrated with each other which is not a good thing at all. I will wait until he is ready. He will be passed out either in the carpet in the living room or in his playpen before long. And then I will make my move. Now I am talking like a stalker here, lol. If only it is easy to raise a toddler. But I learned a long time ago it is not. There are no rules, no steps to follow. Most things happen as it go. And mama most of time learns the hard way especially if she doesn't listen to the husband. Anyway, I will continue waiting.

Update: He is already asleep in our bed. I transferred him after he passed out in the carpet. I won! Now, I will have alone time for maybe two, three hours if I am lucky. Gotta take a shower and then maybe clean my nails and then read a book- in that order. Ciao!

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