Sunday, November 23, 2008

so hungry

It is not even eight in the morning here and I am already hungry. I don't know what to eat. There is no cooked rice, nor is there any viand. I know I have to get my butt up and fix something in the kitchen but it is so cold I don't want to move at all. If not for the little man waking up early I will never be up at this time.

There is a reason, aside from the cold, that I am hesitant to fix breakfast- my jeans are getting tight again. The few pounds I lost when I got sick with the cold is back. That didn't take long. I hoped to keep it away but that did not work. Which makes me think, should I rely on Decaslim as a means to slim down? Probably. I know I need to lose weight again yet we can't go walk because it is too cold outside. We don't want either the little man or us to get sick. This is becoming like trend for me, lose a pound or two and then gain about three. What am I going to do anymore?

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