Thursday, November 13, 2008

shopping on black friday

The husband and I have been frequenting one store when we do our grocery shopping. The reason- we want to have more points so we can get a free turkey. We figured, we do have to buy grocery and it won't hurt if we will get rewarded for it will it? So we go to one store every weekend or when we need to buy groceries. The problem is even if we go over the limit to earn a point we still only get one point. He thought about doing our grocery separately, he'll do half and I will do half that way we will get two points, lol. Of course with the little man that is impossible not to mention a lot of work. So we just do it the traditional way. We only need one more point anyway and with Thanksgiving still two weeks away we have plenty of time. We might even get really cheap turkey the day before but that is another story.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just remembered a promise the husband made to me almost a year ago. He said he will let me shop on Black Friday. Yey for me. We didn't go last time since it was late and we knew the stores will be crowded. We were in Myrtle Beach then and the mall parking lots were already packed. He said if I will get ready early we might go. I have to get ready and search for Black Friday ads so I will know what the good deals are. I want to buy clothes for me and for my family. Perhaps a few toys as well. I hope the husband will not change his mind. Like most men, he hates shopping but he lets me get my way from time to time.

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