Saturday, November 22, 2008

seed of doubt

The husband's daughter visited us the other day. She brought her kids with her, a 20-month old boy and a 5 month old girl. They stayed for a while to the little man's delight. You see, he seldom sees other kids since he is not in daycare and we don't have that many friends with small kids. So he was happy when he saw his nephew and in his excitement growled at him. He still does growl occasionally but most of the time he tries to talk especially when it just me and his father around. I know that the stepdaughter has been thinking that there is something wrong with the little man but I don't let it bother me. After all, I am around him 24 hours a day and so I know how he is. But for her, she said it is creepy how the little man growls instead of talk. She said it scares her son. What can I do? The little man doesn't know how to react when other kids are around and so he does it. But after a few minutes of being around other kids though he warms up and tries to communicate. The stepdaughter asked me if I have any plans on having the little man's hearing tested because she thinks it might be the reason why my son isn't talking like any "normal" toddler would. I said they did when he was a baby but the result was not forwarded to us. I told her I might if when he turns three we don't see any improvement in his speech. I don't think it is his hearing though because I can tell he hears every little sound and he imitates the words he heard from television shows. What I am thinking is he might have speech delay which I read is perfectly normal for bilingual kids. I am starting to worry but the husband said there is nothing wrong with his son and my sister in law said to wait because he is only two and he will eventually pick up words here and there as he gets older. I hope there is nothing wrong with him. I know he knows his ABC and some numbers, and he also repeats words his father said to him but as a parent I can't help but worry.

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