Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The little man snuggled with us in bed last night. I was squeezed in the middle with the husband in my right and the little man on my left. It would have been fun if the little man wasn't a bed hog. He was like the proverbial sloth on that movie the Ice Age. He tossed and turned looking for a comfortable spot without really caring whether he broke my nose or my ribs. The husband who claimed I felt like I came from the icebox (read:very cold hands and feet) snuggled me even closer. I couldn't even move. While the adults were under the cover, the toddler decided he wanted nothing from our cover since he had his two blankets with him. I, who was used to sleeping alone for twenty five years, felt suffocated. I had to wait until they were both snoring before I transferred the little man to his crib making sure he will not get cold. And then I went to snuggle with my human heater. For the first time in months, the little guy didn't wake up at six in the morning but at past eight. He must have had a good night. I can tell there will be more of this in the coming nights. Actually this started a few nights ago. Happy days!

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