Friday, November 7, 2008


My brother will be going home in a few weeks. He works on a boat and his contract is almost finished so he will be heading to Leyte to visit our parents but he has to get his wife and daughter from Manila first. When he called me weeks ago he said he already have presents for our parents. He knows what our parents like so he made sure to get each a jewelry they can use everyday. He bought Papsy a nice necklace and I think a bracelet for Mamsy. I am sure they will be happy. It will be like a mini-reunion for them. Mini because my family will not be there. The grandparents haven't seen their grandkids yet since one is in the US and the other is in Manila with her mother. We will eventually see each other once we decide to visit them at the right time. I hope they will all have a good time.

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