Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pampering myself

It has been two months since I last cleaned and colored my toe nails. I did it because we will be visiting the husband's relatives and in as much as I was wearing shoes all the time, there might be a chance they will see me barefoot and I could not let them take a peak on unclean nails. Anyway, the trip came and went without "incident" and I have not taken a look at my toe nails again until yesterday. I was horrified with what I saw. Nasty should cover it. I have to clean this nails or else it will get worse. And since the little man is asleep (bless him) I have time to do this arduous task. But then I realized I don't have any more nail polish because the ones I brought here from the Philippines about three years ago are no longer good. I have to get new nail polish. The husband likes it when I use bold colors like the image in the left side of this post. He said it looks sexy. So I will have to look for bold colored nail polish to buy. I have to replenish my nail care kit. I have found an online store that sells nail polish and I must say I like their selection- nine different brands to choose from. I can get any color I want and at reasonable prices as well. It is great to have different choices when shopping at just one store. I can get everything in one place and not worry about going to another store for a certain brand. I know I will feel better after I cleaned and colored my nails. I hope the husband will appreciate the effort too.

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