Thursday, November 27, 2008


The little man is still asleep. He fell asleep while we were walking down the beach. The husband got so worried that he kept on checking on his son. I had to reassure him that the little man is fine. He sleeps like a log and did not even move when he slept that's why the husband got worried. He is still in bed right now and I am waiting for him to get up so I can feed him dinner. He woke up early as usual and got so tired after spending time playing with his nephew. The result is good I should say. He still needs to take naps anyway. I hope he will not be grumpy when he wakes up.

Anyway, tomorrow is Black Friday. I am sure there are lots of good stuff that will be on sale on stores. I hope I can go but the husband will work and nobody is going to drive me to the mall. Besides I know the stores will be packed. I hope there will still be sales on Saturday, we might go then. I just want to buy an early Christmas present for the little man. If you are going make sure you get the best deals.

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