Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it is time for a regular bed

I think it is time for another phase in my little man's life. That is sleeping on a toddler bed. No rails, no locks- just a regular bed where he will have more freedom to climb up or down without me worrying he is going to break his neck or a leg. When the husband has time which should be this weekend, we will dismantle the little man's crib. It will be another phase. There will surely be frustrations and a lot of yelling and screaming but I know it is for the best. He is getting bigger and taller and he needs more room. If the husband will only permit me to, I want a regular bed for the little man and not just a toddler bed. As it is, we don't have much space. He sleeps in our room because his older brother is using the other room. There are only two bedrooms in this duplex we live in which I think is the reason why the husband told me to look for houses near his work place. We might move again after our lease here is over hopefully to a bigger house. Our family is growing and we need a bigger space. That way, the little man will have his own room and his own space. I am sure he will like that. I did when my parents decided to let me sleep in my own room when I was ten. Besides, the husband and I need some privacy too. I hope things will fall into place and we will find us a nice place to move in to. I trust the Lord will provide for us. He always does.

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