Thursday, November 27, 2008

his worldly goods

When the stepson came to live with us two years ago, he didn't bring much with him. He only had a suitcase, a box, a cat, and an old Monte Carlo which he sold when the husband bought him a convertible. It seemed like all he possessed in the wold fit in the old car. I was curious as to what the box contained so I checked it together with the husband and it was a baseball, a baseball glove (which his father bought for him when he was little boy) and some other knick knacks he acquired through the years. He did not even have decent clothes which was rectified right away by going shopping with his father. He didn't have much then and still does not possess much now. He is working, he doesn't have any kind of bills since we are paying for his insurance yet he is not able to save. The mistake of youth, he doesn't seem to think about his future. He spends his money on unimportant things and fast food and the girlfriend and when he is broke that is when he starts eating at home. His father is hoping to put emphasis on responsibility in him. He was already told that he will have to start paying for his insurance and that means more than a hundred dollars a month if he chooses to pay it by month. He probably will because it is quite expensive if he will do it otherwise. I hope it will work. It will be for his own good. He will be the head of the family should he decide to marry so it will be for his benefit if he starts being responsible now.

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