Thursday, November 13, 2008

he ate some tuna!

Now, don't flame me for acting like this is a big deal because for me it is, lol. I have dreamed and waited for this moment to happen, you know. My little boy ate from my plate and once he tasted the tuna that I cooked with string beans, he kept coming back for more. He even ate rice! Isn't it cause for celebration? Or for me to be this giddy? If you only know what it is like, looking at your son eat the same food over and over again, I am sure you will feel elated too. No, he didn't eat too much. Just a little bite every now and then but the fact that he didn't make face and he didn't spit the rice is a good sign. Of course there is a chance this is just a one-time thing but I still am happy. I hope though that he will continue to do this. I know if I serve the food to him he will not eat it. The best way is to put the food on my plate because being a busybody that he is, he will look on and if he likes what he sees then he will taste the food. I got to go, I have to call the husband and tell him about this rare happening, lol. Oh, I am so happy.

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