Wednesday, November 19, 2008

goodbye afternoon naps

I remember bragging about how my son sleeps three or four hours during the day. Well, as it is, I jinxed myself. He refuses to take naps anymore. I say this follows from him being able to climb out of his crib. He knows there is really nothing Mama can do to stop him. I found out that explanations about the advantages of naps doesn't work, nor does bribes or threats, lol. I just let him do what he wants and hope this is just a phase he will outgrow. Today is the second day and I am really disappointed but what can I do? Perhaps he will see my point one day and realize that sleep is important for his growth and development. Or maybe not. Another downside is I don't have alone time anymore. I cannot even read a book without him either poking my eyes or trying to read the letters of the title of the book I am reading, aloud. I have to think of things we can do to while away the time.

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