Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what to give a kid for Christmas

As you all know, I have a two year old son. He loves to play with everything but rarely with his toys. Odd? I don't think so. Perhaps we just did not get him the toys he can be interested in. I know for a fact he loves his toy train but I don't want to deal with it right now so I hid it in one of the closet. I am looking for something new to give to the little man this Christmas. While we were riding in his sister's car I saw a few dragons figurine which I handed to him so he will stop whining and he did like it. During the thirty minute ride to our destination he was being good and just played with the toy I gave him. Now that I know he likes something like that then I can go ahead and get him some. I hope he will appreciate the gift and will use it to play with. The husband will surely assist his son if in case I decide to get him something that has to be assembled. Good thing that he doesn't put everything in his mouth anymore. As old as he is, he already knows that toys are for playing and not for eating. I need to save a little money so I can get him a present before Christmas. I am also thinking of buying toys for my twin godsons. I promised them toy cars but since they already have one each I might as well go ahead and get them something different. Kids need variety in toys too, don't you know? Hopefully I will be able to save enough for three.

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