Monday, November 10, 2008

down the trash can

I fixed pancakes for the little man's breakfast. Unfortunately, he didn't eat it. He smelled, he tasted, he played, but he never ate one single bite. I even sat with him on the table eating my own bowl of oatmeal which when I let him have a taste of he deemed yucky judging by the faces he made after a spoonful. I am lucky he didn't spit it out on my face. I had to give in and gave him rice cereal which he gobbled down without any complains.

Sometimes it is frustrating to give this little man something to eat. As I always complained, he is a picky eater. How I wish he will eat whatever food I put in front of him but that is not the case. If only he is not a picky eater, I will cook whatever he wants to eat even if it means digging through casserole recipes or any other recipe book for that matter. I want him to have a balanced diet but as it is right now, he only eats certain kinds of food, a single fruit that is banana, and potatoes as long as it is fried. Oh, I forgot, he also likes crackers. Unhealthy, but I think that is better than him starving. I need a miracle.

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