Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Have you ever been to a point in your life where you feel disgusted about your weight and no matter what you do to trim down didn't work? I did. I was in high school then. It may have had to do with hormones and nonstop food binge during the summer prior but I gained a lot of weight. I was over 110 pounds. Being short in height, that didn't help me feel much less look good. A lot of people made fun of me, mostly relatives. Yeah, they can be mean sometimes. It made me thought about the most effective diet pills there is. If you are desperate for something to happen quick I am sure you will think about it too. Ever remember what peer pressure was like? Though it wasn't as blatant but I can tell some kids were making fun of me because of the weight gain. Instead of working on losing weight I started eating more and more until my parents stepped in. And thankfully after a year of struggle I lost the unwanted weight. And kept it for years until I got pregnant. I still have remnants of the doughnut and cookies I gobbled down and now I am having a hard time to get rid of it. Perhaps someday.

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