Tuesday, November 11, 2008

be generous

I talked to my friend the other night, she offered to give me a blog in its own domain name which has been paid for by her. She said she will host the blog for free but the new owner will have to pay for the renewal of the domain name. Doesn't it sound like a good deal? It is, isn't it? There is no catch too. She is one of those people who never fails to share her blessings so other people can benefit too. I already chose the blog I would want and we agreed that she will turn it over after the 15th of this month. Yesterday though she asked me if it was okay to give it to another friend who badly needs a blog. I said yes right away. She was afraid I might get upset but I assured her I am not. It is my own way of helping somebody in need. I already have a few blogs and I figured what harm will it do me if I will give way? Nothing. So I told my friend to go ahead and give the blog to her other friend. It is enough for me that she is hosting three of my blogs since she has her own web hosting account. I can't be too greedy. It is not good. The fact that my friend is helping me unconditionally is reason enough to be generous to others too. I hope the other friend will make use of the blog and enjoy having it. We are lucky to have a friend who is willing to host our blogs for free and has been giving us a lot of freebies along the way. My friend is lucky to have found a web hosting company which is rated as one of the top ten in the business. She can host multiple domains which is an advantage to us her friends. I thought about getting my own web hosting account but I do not think the time is right. When it is, I am sure I will know.

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