Thursday, October 9, 2008

what a nice surprise

My finicky son eat the noodles that I fixed for breakfast. Wonder of wonders! Lol. I decided to fix ramen noodles with eggs for my breakfast and decided to let the little man have a taste. He loved it and wanted more. Have I told you he doesn't like eggs? I have tried giving him scrambled and hard boiled eggs but he didn't eat it. I guess all I need to do is disguise the food as something else so he will eat it. He ate more than I expected and left me a little but I don't care as long as he eats food other than what he has been eating for months now. I hope this is the start of him trying to eat whatever I serve him. I have to do this little by little and keep my fingers crossed that he will not say no.

On another note, last night I had an argument with the husband. He was not happy that the toy computer I ordered online for the little man will not get here until probably a week. I ordered it yesterday and instead of paying for express I did the regular shipping. He said the point of ordering the toy is so his son can have his own computer to play with. I countered that we only have to wait for a few days not years. He was annoyed that the little man climbed up on his lap while he was reading the news and instead of just sitting with him, the latter started punching keys, lol. Honestly, the men in this house needs to exercise patience and just chill. And he wonders why his son is acting all spoiled? Men!

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