Thursday, October 9, 2008

we might move

The husband talked about us moving near his work probably early next year. The cost of gas plus the worries over snakes and bugs are the reasons why he wants us to move. We will just finish the lease and we will start looking for a new place, preferably a house, to move in. We love this place we are at right now, quite and actually peaceful, but it is almost an hour from his work and he has to spray for bugs every month or else they will swarm the place. Not only that, the AC is not working good and the insulation is old. You can't imagine how much our electric bill is every month. Hopefully we will find us a nice place without this problems even if we have to pay more.

As it is, I think it will be time to get out our moving boxes again. Thankfully we kept them in the shed. We don't have to buy new ones, just reuse the old ones we have. It will be a tedious job but I am used to it and as long as the husband is happy with the new place then I am fine with it. I am beginning to think that I married a wanderer, lol. And the thing is I actually like moving and settling in a new place. Weird huh?

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