Sunday, October 12, 2008


We are waiting for the husband to finish fixing the SUV so we can go to the beach and walk a few miles. He wants to go now but he needs to fix our car today since he will have to work tomorrow. The little man is in his playpen for now because we left the door open just in case the husband needs my help. I know he will run outside the minute he gets the chance so he has to stay in the playpen for his safety. I hope the husband will fix the car early. The fuel pump went out on it last night while we were at the gas station. Fortunately it was only a few minutes away from the house and his friend helped him tow it. He is in the driveway right now on the process of replacing the old fuel pump with the new he bought last night at Autozone. The disadvantage of owning older cars. Good thing he is a mechanic. If not then we probably would have to shed a few hundred dollars to get it fixed. I am sure it will be good as new when he is finished with it though. That is my husband, he is a good mechanic and very thorough too. Do I sound like I am bragging? Well, I have the right to be. I have seen him in action several times already.

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