Friday, October 3, 2008


Last night the little man climbed out of his crib and thankfully landed on our bed. Good thing I had the presence of mind to move his bed closer to ours just in case he will do something like that. In my mind I knew he would try to do it like he did when he's in his playpen. We were in bed trying to pacify him because he was screaming loud wanting to be let out of his bed when he knows it was bed time. He landed on my side which really didn't stop his father from spanking him in the butt for what he did. I then put him back and had to explain to him that it was not the safest thing to do. More screaming and crying ensued.

We might have to dismantle his crib and let him sleep in a regular bed but I don't want to think of what it will be like. I am sure it will not be fun. I just hope he will get settled to a new routine right away or there will be sleepless nights for mama trying to keep an eye on little man.


lira said...

hala kakuyaw ato mami. kahadlok man oi.

signe said...

There's always something new with a toddler! When we switched our son to a regular bed, we bought a side rail and for a couple days, he didn't even realize he could climb out :)

poray said...

na, dai grabe ako kalisang labi na kay taas ang crib nya taas pud kahulugan..nabunalan nuon sa amahan wla sa oras lol..

The problem with ours is he isn't afraid to fall, at all. We tried to let him sleep in a regular bed once and he just walked around in the middle of the night which scared the husband when he saw a head circling our bed, lol.. said...

Our little man is close to being able to d the same thing!

Right now, though, he sleeps in our bed at night. But during the day, he'll take nappies in his crib.

poray said...

Our son doesn't like to sleep with us ever since he was little. He'd rather sleep alone in his bed than sleep between his parents. As for the climbing issue, he hasn't tried it again and I hope he already forgot about it. Though I am keeping a close eye on him when he is in his crib.