Thursday, October 30, 2008

terrible two

The little man is being a handful again. I don't know what to do with him anymore. He stays away from the computer if I tell him to but that doesn't mean he will not be back messing with it again when he thinks I am not looking. If I say spank he tries to spank his thigh and then goes right back to messing with things he isn't supposed to. Are two year olds supposed to be like this? When is this going to end? The annoying whine when something doesn't suit him is deafening me and makes me frustrated. He wants to play alone and if I so much as try to touch a toy he is playing I get a loud shout. Where is my sweet little boy anymore? Why can't he be good natured all the time? This one surely have short temper and is never hesitant to let us know if he is disgusted with us.

The husband and I can't wait for the time when the little man starts minding us again. I sure hope this is just a phase. I don't think I can stand this if this keeps on. It is making me crazy and it makes me think I am a failure as a parent. The only thing I am grateful right now is that the times we go out to restaurants or other public places he is as good as can be. And he eats whatever we give him when we are out. But it is a different thing when we are at home. Why can't kids play with their toys instead of playing with laptops and pots and pans? And why do they have to shove paper and plastic in their mouth instead of the food we give them?


Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello =)

I guess that's just pretty normal especially for a boy. Don't ever think that you're a bad parent. I am sure its just a phase for your little one! =)

poray said...

I sure hope so :)