Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sleepless night

I didn't sleep good last night. It must be the moon. I wanted to laze in bed this morning but the husband kept on waking me up to fix his lunch. And the little man was awake so early. Really, this man is getting as spoiled as his son. I ask him from time to time where is the man who fixes his own food to bring to work while making sure his little wife also has something to eat when she wakes up? I don't see him anymore. He said that was years ago (two years and nine months to be exact) and that he was young then. I didn't know a person can age that much in such a short time. But anyways, so I fixed his lunch bag and then let the little man out of his crib. Of course I got thank you's and hugs and kisses for my effort. Not bad, eh?

Now there is no way I can go back to bed even if I want to. Not with the little man running in circles in the kitchen. If I try to put him in his playpen so I can take a catnap I am sure he will protest. It is time to be up after all. Besides I am afraid I will only have a headache which happens when I take naps. Sometimes I wish there is somebody to help me here with the little man while the husband is at work. When I think of what it is like in Leyte where somebody is always available to help a mother to keep an eye on her child, I want to hightail it back there and stay until the little man is old enough to care for himself. But then we can't leave Dada here by himself. This is only one of those days though. Most mornings I am fine with waking up early. Perhaps I just need to have more stamina to keep up with my boys. Or maybe I just need to think about Disney vacations to break this monotonous schedule everyday. We certainly need a vacation to refresh our minds and body.

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