Wednesday, October 1, 2008

skin problems

There is a white spot in the little man's right cheek. It just come out one day and we don't know what it is. I thought it might be a birthmark but the husband said it is some kind of skin problem and to put cream on it which I did. Thankfully it is not as dominant as before. The spot is still there but it is starting to fade away. Hopefully it will completely disappear. We don't want him to be embarrassed by his looks. His skin is sensitive that he gets rashes right away if something in the air doesn't suit him. I hope he will get better when he gets older though. No more skin problems of any kind. I hope he won't be like his Uncle J who we had to buy a lot of acne treatment when he was a teenager. I don't really want him to go through that phase. Maybe Mama can do something to prevent it by letting him eat healthy foods.


ModernMommy said...

My daughter has the same thing. She has this white spot on the back of her neck about the size of a quarter. It started in the summer and gets better and worse. I put eucerin on it and it seems to help.

poray said...

I am worried about the white spot. I still couldn't figure out the cause which is bugging me. I just hope it will go away.

signe said...

My dd had a few spots this summer...first time ever. She was in the sun a lot, so I kinda put the 2 together, but still don't know for sure.