Wednesday, October 8, 2008

quite time

The little man is having a lot of quite time the last couple of days. In the mornings after I gave him his milk, he would get up on the couch and sit there watching cartoons. No sound, no climbing up windows, no running around. Just being quite as a mouse. I have touched his forehead on many occasions wondering and worrying if he is sick. Knowing he is not makes me sigh with relief. I guess this is just part of him growing up because after a long time of being quite he usually is back to being his normal rambunctious self.

It amazes me how different he is everyday. Like he is developing into a different person. He is still sweet and rough and everything in between but there are traits that are showing which identifies him from other kids. We are proud of him and we hope he will grow up to be a good person.

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