Tuesday, October 14, 2008

plans and more plans

The little man is growing up fast. He is starting to have his own preferences on things that concern him. And if he doesn't get his way then it means trouble. I don't give in easy though because I know if this becomes a pattern then he will be so bad when he gets older. The husband is different, he gives in to his son right away and blames me for spoiling him. Notice the problem? We argue over what to do with the little man's tantrums and it gets tiring sometimes I just want to say to h*ll with it. But I know I will be the one to suffer if I am not firm with imposing discipline. I didn't know parenting could be this hard. I feel like I am raising two boys while the husband thinks he is raising two kids, lol. Go figure!

Anyway, the little man is getting to where he can climb out of his crib if he wants to. I am afraid of that so I thought about just dismantling his crib and make it into a toddler bed so I know he will be safe from falling. The problem is I want a new bed for him. Something wider so he will have more room and it won't hurt if it is new. And the best thing would be if he will have his own room I can decorate with lots of modern furniture that will be good for him to use for years. I am thinking long term here, can't you tell? But as it is, his brother is living with us and there are only two rooms in this house and I don't trust them to stay in one room. And the husband is thinking of looking for a house near his work. So I will have to postpone my plans and wait until we find a new place to settle down. I can wait with a promise that the little man will have his own room soon.

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