Thursday, October 2, 2008

picky eater

The little man still is picky with food. He only eats what he regularly eats and I know it isn't healthy. He doesn't eat any fruit except for bananas. He doesn't eat rice or vegetables. He loves noodles and pasta and nothing else. It makes me frustrated to think that he is not getting the right nutrients he needs. He drinks milk and we sometimes give him vitamins but I know it is not a lot of help at all.

When we introduce new food to him, it takes a long time for him to even taste it and when he decides he doesn't like it then it goes back on the plate or it is dropped on the floor. Why am I having a finicky kid? I sure wasn't when I was little, I ate whatever was given to me whether I liked it or not. This little man is different though. The husband used to get on me for not making his son eat healthy but after he tried several times he is resigned to the fact that his son has his own preference in food and we can't do much about it. When he told a friend about this predicament, the friend said that one of his friend's son only eats Golden Fish every meal time. I guess I could say my son is better but still it is not good enough. I hope we will get past this phase soon.


Petula said...

It is often a phase, but don't give up introducing new foods. He'll be an eating pro in no time.

poray said...

I sure hope so. I envy other moms who said their kids eat whatever they serve in the table.