Monday, October 6, 2008

huge fit

We went to the beach yesterday to unwind. We let the little man walk instead of letting him ride in his stroller. Which was a mistake I should say. We wanted to walk close to the water but the little man wanted to walk on the dunes, getting a kick stepping on the grass. I tried to get him away but he opposed. I let him walk near the dunes and told him not to step on the grass because the husband said it was not allowed. He was so happy with what he was doing but his father was tired of looking at us from a distance so he came over, picked the little man up, and then walked near the water. He kicked and screamed and cried.

When he settled down, the husband put his son down and we let him walk with us. He had a good time playing in the sand and looking at dogs. The crying and screaming came back in full force when it was time for us to go back to our car. He knew we were going home by the direction we were headed and he didn't like it. He was so angry that he screamed so loud people started looking at us. He kicked and yelled for a good thirty minutes like he was on energy pills before he decided to settle down. It was awful. We even had to walk another mile so he will stop crying which only did little. We didn't know what got into him yesterday but I hope it won't happen again. Next time we will make sure he will be strapped in his stroller before going on a walk. Unless we will stay longer to give him time to play in the sand.

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