Thursday, September 11, 2008

who wants ice cream?

Certainly not my boy. I haven't known a kid who seemed to have an aversion for ice cream. And this is not a random thing either. The husband wants his son to be like any normal kid, eat ice cream or cookies or candies even if he knows it is not good when not eaten in moderation. So he tries to tempt his son with this goodies. Well, let me tell you something, the little man doesn't care. At all!

It is funny how after tasting the ice cream he doesn't want more. When his father tries to give him more he always ends up chasing the little man and I find it so hilarious while the former said it is not funny. You should see them running around the house and decide if it isn't.

I actually like it that he is not into sweets much. He eats snack cakes from time to time but not something I should get worried about. I hope he will continue this way. I won't ever stop him if he decides later on that he likes ice cream or sweets but I hope he will learn to be responsible for his own health.

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