Sunday, September 7, 2008

thank you!

This blog got over a hundred drops (and counting) today, of all days. We were out basically the whole day today. We went to Myrtle Beach to unwind and for a much needed change of scenery. I thought nobody will ever drop on my EC but was I wrong. This is in fact the first time that I got this many drops in a day in one single blog. Amazing!

I am not a religious ec dropper but I am not a slacker either. With a few blogs I have to make drops every single day it isn't an easy job but I manage. And that is in between taking care of my boy and doing chores here at home. I am happy that my visiting other people's blogs is paying off little by little.

To all who dropped on JT's World today, thank you. I will hit you back later tonight. Momma's gotta take care of her boys first.

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