Sunday, September 14, 2008


The little man has rashes on his legs. It started out as bumps but he scratched it and now it doesn't look good. We don't know what the cause is and thought it might be the detergent we are using. But we have used this detergent before. I am using anti-allergy cream on his skin and hope that whatever is in it will disappear.

I am thinking if it might be the seawater which caused it. Because the times we went to the beach and let him play in the water he had rashes though not as bad as now. I will keep an eye on this and if it won't disappear by itself we might have to pay his doctor a visit.

Anyways, even with my suspicion of the cause of his rashes, we still went to the beach today. We didn't let him walk even though he really wanted to. The husband strapped his son on his stroller but later complained because out of several strollers we have at home he decided to bring the umbrella stroller. Push that in the sand and you will be stuck for a pretty long time. Fortunately, we found a solution and the walk went pretty good.

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