Wednesday, September 17, 2008

love to shop

This mother, like most women, loves to shop. May it be window shopping or the real deal. It is my therapy for stress and boredom. Plus I feel better when I get good deals while shopping because I make sure I get the most value for my money. I used to use cash when shopping though. It is the norm where I came from. There are only a few stores which accept credit cards as form of payment and let us admit, cash is a lot easier to use while shopping.

That mentality was changed when I got here though. The husband taught me to shop without having to use cash all the time. He said I need to pay using credit card so my credit score will improve. I am fairly new to this country and didn't have any credit history of any kind so we have to build it little by little. Now whenever I have to buy something, I use my credit card, even in grocery stores. I now know how to use my cards responsibly. And I am starting to love it.

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